R.O.I. Ministry 2012-2013 “Top 10” Award : Uganda Food Programs.
Legacy was recently honored with the “Top 10 Ministry” award for our recent experience and the opportunity to feed 10,000 orphans across 24 orphanages throughout Uganda.

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Kampala is 7,893 miles away from our home office in Atlanta, and the economic and cultural gap is sometimes much wider. Follow our progress as we reach the children of Uganda at Compassion in Action, the official Legacy World Missions blog.

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Through strategic partnerships with more than twenty schools and children's homes in Uganda, legacy World Missions directly targets the issues that challenge the country's future. By working directly with schools, orphanages and outreach organizations, Legacy World Missions can target specific areas of development:

Women and Girls

The challenges facing Uganda's girls are staggering: Three quarters of 15- to 24-year-olds living with HIV and AIDS in Africa are female, and one quarter of all girls in the developing world aren't in school. Still, girls are Uganda's greatest untapped resource, and they hold the key to improving the nation's economic and health outlook. One extra year of primary school boosts a girl's eventual wages by up to 20 percent. Girls who receive more education grow up to marry later and deliver healthier babies, and when women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, compared to only 30 to 40 percent among male wage earners.

Legacy World Missions is committed to educating and empowering girls and supporting vulnerable women who act as heads of households. Through a partnership with a school and community center in the western Ugandan district of Kyenjojo, Legacy World Missions supports a vocational school that trains women and girls to be entrepreneurs, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and educate their families.

Former Child Soldiers

Uganda's 22-year-long civil war in the northern districts remains one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the last century. Since 1986, the Lord's Resistance Army has abducted as many as 66,000 children to serve as rebel soldiers, some as young as seven years old. Forced to endure brutal treatment and commit horrifying acts of cruelty to one another and the Acholi people of northern Uganda, these children bear deep and lasting scars, both physical and emotional.

By partnering with several organizations with a local presence in Gulu District, Legacy World Missions supports activities that disarm, demobilize and reintegrate these children into school and society.

Inner City Youth

Like many busy urban cities all over the world, Uganda's capitol Kampala has a large population of homeless people. However, fully half of the Kampala's residents are below the age of fifteen and homeless children living on the streets are a common sight. Orphaned by war, malaria and HIV/AIDS, literally tens of thousands of children barely survive by foraging through trash for scraps. Drug abuse, theft and prostitution are common. Many of these children die in the garbage dumps where they pick for scraps of food.

Legacy World Missions is the primary partner for an innovative outreach program that targets Kampala's most vulnerable kids-those who have lost one or both parents and may be unable to afford to stay in school. The program meets after school, encouraging good study habits and exploring music and the arts. Program staff make regular contact with students' teachers and guardians, if any, and offer the support that families need to keep children in school.


Uganda is the source of the Nile, the heart of Africa and one of the most fertile countries on Earth. We believe that protecting the land is vital to Uganda's future success. Embracing spiritual principles of good stewardship of the Earth and its resources, Legacy World Missions supports projects that use recycled and locally available materials, make use of wind and solar energy and provide jobs to local Ugandans. We encourage our partner facilities, where possible, to plant and maintain subsistence gardens and care for livestock, reducing the dependence on foreign food aid and inspiring a sense of ownership among our partners.

Legacy Village & Academy

Our flagship program, Legacy Village & Academy will be an innovative, inclusive and self-sustaining community unlike any other in Uganda. The Village will offer family-style housing in cottages, a community garden, multifaith worship center and wellness clinic, all in a safe, protective environment. Designed to foster innovation, personal growth and strong communities, Legacy Village will be home to some off Uganda's most vulnerable women and orphaned children, preparing them for leadership roles in both business and family.

The adjacent Academy will feature an integrated, holistic approach to education, combining vocational training with academic programs and arts education designed to prepare kids to succeed. Featuring accredited college prep classes as well as certified vocational training combined with the arts, Legacy Academy will be use the entire Village campus as a hands-on classroom, setting the standard for integrated education in Uganda.

Once built, Legacy Village & Academy will offer volunteer opportunities for those with a passion for helping others, regardless of age or skill level. For more information about Legacy Village & Academy, please download our press release or contact our office.

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